Top 5 Sexiest Jobs in America

It turns out that making top dollar doesn't make you sexy. In a recent internet poll women did not choose the typical lawyer, doctor or CEO careers when responding to one simple question. What job do you think is sexy? While the poll only included 100 responses from women ages 18 to 55, I think the numbers are representative of most women. Aside from not being the highest paying jobs, the jobs that ranked highest all had one thing in common.

  • Firefighters
  • Firefighters axed the competition and won the title of sexiest job with almost 30% of the votes. These brave soles, cranked up the heat over other prestigious jobs.

  • Police Officers
  • A little bit surprising here but police officers made second on the list of sexiest jobs in America.

  • Pilots
  • Pilots ranked third on the list. Maybe women love a man who can command a multi-million dollar piece of equipment?

  • Doctors
  • We figured doctors / surgeons would be a little bit higher but they made a solid showing at number 4.

  • Military Men
  • Military men ranked number 5 on the list. There's nothing sexier than protecting your country and risking your own life to do it.

So What do all of these professions have in common? There is obviously some level of risk in most of these jobs with the exception of being a doctor. But the commonality is much more than that. All of the top 5 sexiest jobs wear uniforms!

Why is it that women love men in uniforms? We all have fantasies and women are no different. Britney Spears wearing the Catholic school girl outfit drove men crazy. Women, however, typically want to feel safe and secure when they are with a man. Apparently nobody makes women feel safer than a sexy fireman climbing through a bedroom window. It may also help that most of these jobs require some sort of physicality and a good looking, healthy body is often the result of their training. Maybe the uniforms are just a side-note?

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