College Admission FAQs – Do I Need to Take an IQ Test to Enter College?

With all of the different things that are required during the college application process, some people wonder if they have to take an IQ test in order to get in. The answer is no. The for this is not clear, perhaps it’s because there’s no agreed upon standard in place for measuring an IQ, and there’s no agreed upon standard for what makes an eligible IQ score. Also, it is not known how an IQ score relates to success at the collegiate level.

The way that colleges determine whether or not you’ll be a success at their school is by your ACT or SAT score, by the quality of your writing in your essays, and by how well you did in high school or at your current college if you are transferring. They don’t require an IQ test, although the idea has been brought up in certain forums online. It is thought that perhaps IQ should be considered to help reduce the amount of college drop outs. So far no college has taken this route.

Your problem-solving ability will be measured on an SAT or ACT test and gives a pretty good indicator of how well you’ll do at college. Your IQ would not necessarily be a good predictor of how well you’ll do in college, although it is casually used to determine how far you’ll go in life and what you’ll achieve.

The reason why colleges don’t use IQ tests to make their determination is largely unknown. They just haven’t previously, and no one has pushed the idea hard enough to make it stick. Most likely if you don’t have an IQ high enough to go to college, life has already weeded you out. You probably struggled in grade and high school and have acquiesced to a life of mediocrity. If you have the drive, desire, GPA and standardized test scores to make it into college you’ll be just fine, so says college admissions specialists.

If you have a high IQ and you are bummed that it won’t be used in the admissions process, don’t fret. You probably have a solid academic record and ACT or SAT scores to back it up. Don’t go the smug route and mention it in your admissions essay because most admissions people will just roll their eyes. You want to make sure that you prove to them that you will be a good addition to their campus. Let your actions speak instead of your IQ score. They’ll want to see that you’re an active and interesting person from the things that you’ve done, not by you bragging about a mostly arbitrary number.

Always remember to put your best foot forward and don’t worry too much about what IQ you have.

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